Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Clem Mikeska's, Temple, Texas

In a word, DON'T. Food-wise this was a sub-par experience. The brisket was chewy with little flavor, the ribs were leather tough, and I've had better sausage from a chain grocery store. The sweet sauce was positively weird and it took me awhile to put my finger on it. It tasted exactly like the sauce pork and beans come packed in. Blechh! Not my idea of BBQ sauce at all. The potato salad exuded some watery fluid (see the photo) which was most unappetizing. The only item worth mentioning was the bread. That was perhaps the best piece of bread I ever had. It came out of a clear wrapper so it must be some local Temple bakery. Outstanding, but a sad commentary when the best thing in a BBQ meal is the bread.

We saw another outlet for Clem at a gas station/truck stop and their sign indicated thay are opening another location in Belton. Beware. The Mikeska family has different joints in 5 other cities. Rudy's in Taylor, is definitley the best we have sampled so far.

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