Thursday, March 23, 2017

The great beef rib experiment

smoked 3/23/17

The great beef rib experiment is underway.  Since this is the first time we have done the "dinosaur bones" I'll keep track of the process and update as we go along.

I've heard plus and minus about keeping the membrane on.  Being lazy, I decided to leave it on this time.  As usual, we had to trim the slabs down just a tad to fit in our little bullet water smoker.  Excess blood was washed off then the meat side got a light dowsing in soy sauce.  North Main BBQ All "N" 1 steak seasoning was added generously.  Then into the smoker with hot charcoal and a good pile of pecan and oak wood.   Start time was about 12:35 pm.

A little less than 3 hours in and the meat was at temperature but still a little tough.
Samples were delicious, but still a bit chewy. 
I know how to fix that.  We wrapped them in heavy foil, added a bit more spices, and a splash of beef broth.  Now into the oven at 250 degrees.  We'll check them hourly until done.
There were still some coals and good smoke on the smoker so we whipped up 3 pounds of burgers and pitched them on the grates.  No use wasting good fire and smoke.

1 hour in and the beef ribs are tendering up nicely.  Still a ways to go.  I'm going to give them one more hour wrapped at 250 in the oven.
Here's the finished product after 2 hours wrapped in the oven.  My Mrs said it was a grand slam but I think it was maybe a triple with two runs scored.  Still, not bad for our first beef rib cook.  The finished product was definitely worth more than 97 cents a pound.  Moisture, tenderness, and smoke flavor  were all excellent.  The biggest negative was these cheap beef ribs didn't have a lot of meat on the bone.  It took 3 to fill my belly.  Probably just a matter of getting the right cut of beef rib.  Hopefully we can try this again soon with some meatier beef ribs.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

9 pounds of beef ribs

So my Mrs found beef ribs on sale for 97 cents a pound.  We've never smoked beef ribs before so this seems like a good time to experiment.  They go on the smoker tomorrow and I'll add photos along the way.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

North Main BBQ, Euless

sampled 3/12/17
Stopped by our local joint with some friends today and found their ribs were really on target.  The brisket was a bit dry, but the bark was superb with excellent smoke flavor.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Red Dirt tickets selling fast

Wah!  I got online about 10 minutes late and they were already sold out of VIP tix.  I'm sad to miss this one.  That has been our favorite fest and we had been to all of them up to now.  Congrats to Chase and the crew at Red Dirt for building a great and successful festival!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Red Dirt tickets on sale February 1

22 joints, tickets on sale February 1 at 10 am.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Houston BBQ Fest tix on sale

 Early tix now on sale for the 5th annual.  April 9th, 2017 at NRG park in H-Town.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

7th annual Blues, Bandits, and BBQ, Oak Cliff, Texas

sampled 11/12/16
This was our second year at this great little festival at Kidd Springs park in Oak Cliff.  I first heard about this party through the Texas BBQ Posse blog and from my little brother, who helps with the OCTX booth.  This is another very laid back, family and dog friendly event held in a small city park.  For just $20 advance/$25 at the gate, you get to sample from 30 different BBQ teams and help pick the People's Choice award winner.  I have had the offer to be an "official" judge before, but I found it was a lot more fun to wander around and do the people's choice sampling.  Plus there was the advantage that I know whose food I am eating and will know where to find more should I want some!  That's something you don't get as a blind taste test judge.
This fest has a real mixed bag of cooks and food samples.  They use everything from small back yard smokers to huge custom trailer jobs.
There are restaurants, back yard cooks, and well seasoned BBQ cook-off teams competing.  As you might expect, the food quality is all over the place.  There was a lot of pulled pork.  Two of the booths had cooked whole hogs.   One of them had some of the juiciest most succulent pork I have had in a long time.
 There was also a lot of brisket.  Most was pretty average but a few were excellent.
Ribs showed up at 4 or 5 different booths but unlike last year I only had one rib that was really good.  Most were tough and under cooked or depended on a heavy slathering of sauce for flavor.  None had much smoke flavor.
There were some of the usual "different" entries including sausage pizza, brisket jalapeno poppers, and brisket nachos.  There were several pulled pork sliders and tacos.
Each participant in the People's Choice tasting was given one wooden nickel to award to their favorite.  I wish I had one for ribs, brisket, pulled pork, and etc., but we got just the one.  I gave mine to the team shown below for some excellent fatty brisket we had early on in the tasting.  I got a second sample an hour later and it was just as good.  I asked the name of their team, as they had no sign or other "advertising" and it was something market.  I never could quite make out the name.  However here is their booth, below.
My Mrs gave her token to a different booth for their excellent pulled pork and I really could not disagree with her.  It was tough to pick one "winner" from so many good samples.  It sure was fun trying though!
This was a fine way to spend a November afternoon with beautiful weather, good music, and some fine smoked meats.  For just $20 it's one of the best bargains I have found on the whole BBQ circuit.  You might not find any famous pit masters hanging around but there's no long lines and it is a whole lot of fun.