Saturday, May 16, 2015

Lewisville to Denton along I-35E

Sampled 5/16/15
Scott has been after me all year to do a trip up I-35E to sample the many BBQ joints between here and Denton.  We couldn't get our schedules to jive til this weekend and I'm happy to report it is down and done.  We sampled seven joints, found two MIA, and skipped just one, in under five hours.  Honestly, I was not expecting a lot of great meats on this jaunt and that proved to be the case.  Most meals we just sampled a few bites of everything, then moved on to the next.  I can't say we had a bad meal anywhere, but it was a lot of average BBQ.  None of the places we visited would warrant a return trip, especially with the current construction and resulting horrendous traffic on I-35.

Photos from the trip and a few comments follow below.

We found Sweet Y BBQ and Gold Mine BBQ, both in Denton, to be missing in action and presumed closed.

The fun thing about a little road trip like this is the interesting sights along the way.  Like this billboard suggesting a real estate agent can help you out of the zombie apocalypse.
As always, you can click on any photo for a larger view.

Metzler's BBQ, Denton, Texas

sampled 5/16/15 around 3:15 pm
More friendly folks and more average BBQ.  Another sit down joint with waitress service.
When I only ordered one side of mac and cheese, the nice waitress just gave me a double helping.  Too bad it was very average.  The brisket was very overcooked and mushy to chew.  Ribs were the opposite and a bit too chewy. No smoke flavor in anything.  The average sausage appeared to have been heated up on a grill but it didn't add much to the flavor.

Texas Smoke BBQ Co., Sanger, Texas

sampled 5/16/15 around 2:45 pm
A homey little joint in downtown Sanger with friendly folks and average BBQ.
Another nicely served central Texas style "plate".  Some of the better brisket we had this trip but again no smoke flavor.  It was moist with good tenderness and the fat was well rendered.  Ribs were a bit chewy and sausage was average.  Mac and cheese was helped by some bacon sprinkles but hurt by being served cold.

We had heard rave reviews about their famous smoked meatloaf but I found it to just taste like meatloaf with no smoke flavor.

There was an interesting flair to selling chips in a bug killer rack.  A definite Kodak moment.

Bet the House BBQ, Denton Texas

sampled 5/16/15 about 2:15 pm
We were impressed with this place at Smoked Dallas last year but it was not as impressive this visit.  This was the first joint of the day to serve central Texas style on butcher paper and the presentation was impressive.  Unfortunately the brisket was way overcooked and very roast beefy in flavor.  Not a hint of smoke.  Ribs were good and the sausage had a nice snap to the casing.  However I could taste neither jalapeno or cheese in my jalapeno cheese sausage.  It was so mild Scott had a taste and agreed it was pretty tasty.  Their mac and cheese was very good and seemed home made.  White cheddar maybe?

Tredways BBQ, Lake Dallas, Texas

sampled 5/16/15 about 1:15 pm
A nice comfy sit down restaurant with waitress service right off Lake Dallas.
Ribs were decent, Scott liked the mashed potatoes, but the brisket was roast beefy.

Chasin' Tail BBQ, Hickory Creek, Texas

Sampled 5/16/15 around 12:15 pm
More friendly folks and very average BBQ.
The brisket had almost all of the fat trimmed away and had a strictly roast beefy flavor.  Ribs were good but had no smoke flavor.  Sausage was commercial quality and sides were average.

Old House BBQ, Lewisville, Texas

sampled 5/16/15 around 11:30 am
Another friendly joint with decidedly average Q.
The brisket was overcooked and falling apart and the ribs were a bit tough.  Sausage was average.