Sunday, July 26, 2009

Off the Bone BBQ redux

After our first visit a few weeks ago, I really wanted to try the ribs at this place without sauce. I got my chance tonight, at about 1 am, on the way home from a blues gig down the street. $5 gets you 4 pork ribs and I was very specific about NO SAUCE. We managed to wait til we got home to sample, then we ate them all! Yes! They were much better and tastier without their house sauce slathered all on them. I could not detect any smoke flavor, and my guess is that these are slow oven cooked with a generous basteing of sauce caramalizing during cooking. They are genuinely fall off the bone tender. Definitely a good stop and an essential one during late night hours. Just remember to get those ribs dry if you want all that slow cooked flavor to come through.

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