Friday, November 20, 2009

Family BBQ - Quitman, Texas redux

resampled around noon 11/16/09

I made another stop at this joint this past week and still find it to be well above average. Both the brisket and ribs had a very nice deep smoke flavor, however the brisket was a bit dry and the ribs were a bit chewy. The brisket was so tender the slices were crumbling apart. Click on the pix below for a nice close-up that will make you HUNGRY. The potato salad had a bit more mustard this time but was still nice and creamy and better than average. I got an extra pound of that brisket to go and it made for some dynamite sandwiches with some Dr Pepper BBQ sauce.

UPDATE 3/31/10 This place has moved south of Quitman on Texas 37. I will check them out again next week.

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