Saturday, May 14, 2011

Rib-N at home


My Mrs is busy all day today and Kroger had ribs on sale cheap so I think I will do some experimenting with ribs today.  I bought one rack of baby back and one rack of spare ribs and cut each in half for experimentation purposes.  Total cost less than $20.  I am currently bringing the meat to room temperature, half are plain, half are in a marinade of apple juice and certain secret ingredients.  The plan is to use the same Obieque rub on both sets, smoke for 2 hours in a bullet smoker over charcoal with oak, hickory, and pecan wood.  Then wrap and finish in the oven for 2 more hours and see how they turn out.  I am NOT a BBQ cook, more of an eater, so I'm not expecting much.  I'll post photos and update as I go along, just for fun.

I am leaving the membrain on both and the back meat on the spare ribs and will cook them "as is" without trimming a thing.

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