Saturday, June 25, 2011

another awesome home brisket

My wife has really got brisket down.  USDA choice briskets are on sale at $1.49/lb again so we just had to do another one.  Last night she smoked a 10 pound brisket.  8 hours on the smoker and 4 hours in the oven.  I paid a little more attention to her smoking techniques this time and I see how she gets so much more smoke flavor than I do.  Anytime the smoke is not absolutely billowing out of the smoker she adds more coals and wood.  I'd guess she cooks with almost 50% wood.  The result was a brisket with deep smoke flavor, perfectly rendered fat, and very moist and tender.  Yes, I'm a lucky man!  If that wasn't enough, she also smoked up a bunch of her excellent chicken as well.  Sorry, no pictures of the chicken.  We ate it!

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