Monday, April 23, 2012

City Market, Luling, Texas 4/21/12

The Mrs finally got her chance to tag along on a BBQ and blues trip and our first stop was City Market.  We arrived about 5:10 pm and I was sad to hear they were OUT OF BRISKET!! Oh no!  One of my favorite things about City Market and they were out.  Not to worry, said the pit man, the last one was due out at 5:30 pm.  We got a stack of ribs and a ring and enjoyed those while we waited for the brisket.  My Mrs said they were the best ribs she ever had.  I thought they were very good and on a par with North Main.  You had to keep a napkin handy to keep the juice from dribbling off your chin.  The ring was perfect, as always.

Finally the brisket was done so I went back into the pit room to get a half a pound off the fresh brisket.  Unfortunately, for the first time ever, the brisket at City Market did not shine.  It was a bit under done, it did not have the tenderness I expected, the fat was not fully rendered, and except for the ends, there was little smoke flavor.  I'm guessing they rushed that last brisket a bit after they ran out earlier than expected.  Dang it.  Timing is everything.

 They finally have some t-shirts for sale however not in my ample size.  Otherwise I would have bought one for sure.  They need to visit the souvenir emporium at Black's and steal a few ideas!

Campaigning for "Thump Queen" is well under way in Luling and we saw more signs for that than for the regular politicians.  

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