Sunday, September 14, 2014

Terry Black's BBQ, Austin, Texas

sampled 9/14/14
So having just sampled 21 BBQ joints at the Texas Monthly BBQ fest, what do you think happens next?  We stop by another BBQ place, of course.  Again, some of you are not surprised.  The new Terry Black's place is right across the street from the Palmer Center where the TM Fest was going on and we drove right past it on the way into the parking garage.  Right then we decided when we left the fest we would stop by for some "to-go" from this new joint.   Amazingly, with the biggest BBQ fest in Texas happening right across the street, their parking lot was full.  We got the last parking place.

Inside they have a nice set-up with 3 carving blocks going full time.  That speeds along the ordering process quite a bit.  I got 2 pounds of moist brisket, a couple of pork ribs, and a jalapeno cheese ring to go.  Dave got us each an ice cream cone to add to the brisket already in our stomachs and it went down nice.  Best antacid money can buy.  I did not sample any Q there, but when I arrived home we opened it up and the Mrs and I had a sample of brisket.  Excellent brisket with good moisture, tenderness and smoke flavor.  While I was not up to another meal when we were there, I'll give the "to-go" batch a good warm up and plan now to head back there for a meal in place.

On the way out Scott and Dave were peering in the pit enclosure and we were invited back for a look at tomorrow's briskets, already in progress.  Mmmm boy. Looked tasty.

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