Monday, April 25, 2016

Rain check brisket number 2

smoked 4/25/16
With the expiration date on our second brisket rain check approaching and lots of rain in the forecast for this week, we decided we'd probably better get our brisket and get it on the smoker.  This one was a bit smaller, about 12 and 3/4 pounds.  Prep was the same as the last one, the fat was trimmed down to about 1/4 inch, Point and flat were separated, coated with soy sauce, then heavily coated with salt and pepper.  My Mrs was in charge this time and she loves to fuss with the fire and keep the smoke flowing heavily.  After 7 hours of smoke, we pulled the brisket and wrapped tightly in foil for a 5 hour heat at 225 in the oven.  When I pulled the meat out of the oven at 6 am the meat thermometer slid in soft as butter.  After letting the meat rest awhile, maybe a little too long, I sliced it up for later.  I still did not find the smoke flavor I crave and the brisket was a bit over done.  Thick slices were difficult to cut and often fell apart, However it all had nice moisture and well rendered fat.  I think we may need to adjust a bit on cook time for smaller briskets.  For the smoke, I'm not sure what's up as my Mrs kept it pretty heavy for 7 solid hours.  I'm thinking we may need some hickory to go with the yard oak and pecan we used this time.

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