Monday, May 23, 2016

The trip back from Houston

sampled May 23, 2016
As usual we returned from Houston via Lockhart and Taylor.  Despite all the good BBQ we had in Houston, we just had to have some more.  We had lunch on Monday at Black's and for the first time ever I had just an average meal there.  The sausage was very good but there was no smoke flavor in the brisket and the pork rib was under done.
That didn't stop me from getting 2 two pound chunks of frozen brisket for the cooler.  Both were end pieces so I suspect they will warm up just fine.  My buddy Dave from Austin also brought along some cryovac-ed Franklin for us and I swapped him a nice brisket and some beef ribs from Pecan Lodge.
By now the cooler was getting full so I limited myself to just a dozen jalapeno cheese links from Kreuz.
In Taylor we stopped at Vencil Mares' Taylor Cafe where Scott had a sandwich and I grabbed a pound of brisket to go.  Nice to see Mr. Vencil still greeting his customers.  Around the corner we stopped off at Louie Mueller's for a bite of brisket and a dozen jalapeno sausages for my cooler.  I noticed the crew from the Day Tripper TV show were behind the counter getting some footage for a future show there.  I hope Chet and the crew made it to Vencil's too.

My cooler was now  officially filled to the brim.  I even had to scoop out a little ice.  When I got home my Mrs worked her Tetris magic and we managed to get it all into the freezer for some nice eating later this summer.

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