Sunday, July 2, 2017

Summer brisket time

smoked 7/2/17
My Mrs found choice briskets on sale at Kroger this week so we're off on another smoking adventure.  This one weighed in at 17.4 pounds before trimming and lost about 3 pounds to fat trimming.
 As usual, we had to split it in half to fit in our little bullet smoker.  The only seasoning was a good coat of North Main BBQ All "N" 1 steak seasoning.
The meat went onto the smoker a little after 2 pm so it should be done about 4 am.  We plan to finish it off wrapped up in the oven so we may just keep it warm til lunch time on Monday before slicing.
Here's the view 9 hours in.  Into the oven they go, wrapped in foil for another 4 hours to tender up.
A few little sample pieces had some very nice smoke flavor.  My Mrs gets the smoke credit. She kept the oak and pecan smoke flowing for 9 hours.

Here's the final product after 5 hours wrapped in a 250 degree oven.  It also makes the house smell wonderful!
The point end was just a bit overcooked and I had to slice it pretty thick.  The flat turned out perfect with just a slightly crusty bottom.  The fat is completely rendered throughout and the bark has a deep wonderful smoke flavor.  After it cools down a bit in the fridge I'll probably bag half of it for freezing.  That's going to be some good eating for $1.67/pound.

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