Friday, July 29, 2005

Roadhouse BBQ in Lampasas

The last "official" stop of this year's tour and one of the top places we sampled. The brisket was so tender it fell apart as he carved it in the pit. The ribs and jalapeno sausage were top notch as well. This place is on the SE corner where 190 dead ends, just west of Lampasas.

ribs 5
sliced beef 5
jalapeno sausage 4.5
tater salad 4
beans 2
sauce 2
jalapeno cornbred 3
chocolate cake 3


  1. This place was bought out recently and is now called the Firehouse BBQ. I have reports that it is still tasty!

  2. Ate there last month...still tasty. And the jalepeno potato salad rocks. But as I recall from years back the Roadhouse had the pit right in the ground at the front door. That's gone.