Thursday, December 28, 2006

Danny D's BBQ in Hurst

Scott and I stopped by and checked this place out on Thursday, December 28 a little after lunch time. The friendly counter girl took our order and we adjourned to the homey dining room with a big plastic 8 which led the server to our table with our order. I went for the 3 meat combo platter with sliced beef, ribs, and hot links with sides of tater salad and BBQ beans. Texas toast came along unannounced and was a welcome addition. The sliced beef was pretty average, maybe less than average. Not much smokey flavor and fairly chewy. Difficult to cut with a fork, but you could do it if you worked at it. The hot links were not very hot, either in spice or temperature. In fact if I hadn't been assured they were hot links I would have thought they were just average sausage. Now the ribs, they were the highlight. A nice smokey crust on the outside and fall-apart tender. Just a tad on the dry side but I would have been happy to eat plenty more just like 'em.

Scott noticed they have all you can eat rib nights on Wednesday and Thursday nights for $12.95. That's almost as good a deal as North Main, for ribs durned near as tasty. I shall certainly return to resample those ribs on a Wednesday or Thursday, soon. Maybe with faster turnover the slight dryness will disappear. We'll see.The sides were average. They do have 2 different kinds of tater salad, mayo based and mustard based. The mayo based didn't do it for me so I'll try the other next time. The beans were just average. The sauce here is an interesting mix of sweet and spicy. Vinegar based and Scott detected molasses along with some healthy pepper. It's a different taste and I liked it. I had a great home made chocolate chunk brownie for dessert. The perfect send off.

This is a friendly place with lots of regulars and the boss man was making the rounds saying hello and thanking all the customers for stopping by. Why would anyone want to live anywhere but Texas?

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