Thursday, December 7, 2006

David's BBQ, Pantego, Texas

Visited 12/7/2006 around lunch time. I thought it was pretty average.

The sauce is a sweet sauce and I prefer a more spicy variety. It was perfect in the BBQ beans, though. The sliced brisket was moist but slightly chewy. Unfortunately, not much smoke flavor. The brisket really needed sauce but I wish I had brought some 406 brand from North Main. They were very generous on the brisket! I think they gave me about a pound on my 2 meat combo plate. The ribs were a bit chewy and without much glaze or smoke flavor. The potato salad was pretty good, probably a 4 out of 5.

The fried pie I had was chocolate and is Mindy Lu's. Manufactured by The Pie Company, Fort Worth, 817-457-7437. It was ok, but I think I would have prefered a Shipley's chocolate creme donut. Lemon might have been better.

I did love the atmosphere of the joint. They have a couple of mannequins playing cards at a little table in the front and a Jed Clampett "Y'all come back now" sign at the front door. A couple of good ol' boys were sittin around a table having a late lunch swapping stories about going dynamite fishing and generally yucking it up big time.

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