Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hap's Pit BBQ, Phoenix, AZ

Visited 10/2/10 about 2 pm


They have an extensive menu here so I was happy to see a 5 meat sampler plate on offer.  After some discussion, I went with brisket, sausage, pork ribs, chicken, and ham.  They had lamb on offer and I should have tried that rather than the ham.  The brisket was chopped but had plenty of crispy outside barky bits and had nice smoke flavor.  I wish I had a chance to get it sliced, but that does not seem to be the way they do brisket in Phoenix.  The chicken was tender and moist, but no smoke flavor.  The sausage was a nice medium grind with a lot of flavor to it.  A very nice mix of spices with just a bit of kick.  I liked it very much.  The pork ribs were tender and juicy but no discernible smoke flavor.  The ham was just ham.  Nothing smoky or BBQ'd about it at all.  With all that meat to try I just got beans as a side.  Their beans were definitely different from the usual Texas fare.  There were at least 4 kinds of beans including small limas, kidney, navy and pintos.  There was also a bit of ground beef involved.  It was a nice different mix and I enjoyed them for a change of pace. 

I took about half of this home for later and the smoke flavor of the brisket was much more pronounced after being in the fridge for a bit.  It really was very nice smoky chopped brisket!  I sure wish I had some more for my late night snack!

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