Thursday, December 2, 2010

Natty Flat Smokehouse, Natty Flat, Texas

visited around 5:30 pm, 12/2/10 (website link updated 8/15/13)

Ok, I know the very first thing you will want to know is where the heck is Natty Flat, Texas??  Well it's between Lipan and Patillo, just north of Morgan Mill.  I'm sure that helps.  :)  If not, it is about 5 miles south of I-20 on U.S. 281.  Not only is there a good BBQ joint there, but also the world's largest largest cedar post rocking chair.  I had passed this joint once before, unfortunately on a Monday, the one day they are closed.  This time it was a Thursday so I got to eat some meat!

For $11 I got a generous 3 meat plate to go with brisket, ribs, sausage, and tater salad.  Honestly, I was not expecting much as this place is a bit isolated from any population and it was late in the day. I fully expected dry brisket and crunchy ribs from sitting in a warmer all day.  So much for expectations!  The brisket was moist and very tender but certainly not overcooked and there was zero suffering from holding time.  There was just enough fat to make me want more and there was a nice, but subtle, smoke flavor.  The ribs were similarly tender and chin-dripping juicy, if just a tad overcooked to falling off the bone.  Again there was a slight smoke flavor that made it's way past the sweet glaze but they mostly had a nice pork flavor.  Pretty nice ribs.  The sausage appeared to be Ekrich quality, but it had an interesting sweet taste of maple, almost as if it had been brushed with maple syrup before smoking.  A nice change-up for average sausage.  The sauce was rich, thick ,and sweet with a nice spicy kick.  It made for great sausage dipping.  The tater salad was average with a nice mix of mustard and mayo.

Now I don't know if I would make a special trip way out there just to eat their BBQ, but if you are passing nearby on I-20 or you ever have a hankering to see a really big rocking chair, a stop in the smokehouse might just add a little extra oomph to your trip.


  1. Don, my son and I ate at NFS on Monday (must have changed their hours) and while I was not expecting much, we were pleasantly surprised. Both the brisket and smoked sausage were very good and the beans were great. Definitely worth the stop.

  2. The brisket is great .I don't care for any potato salad BUT when I tasted the baked potato salad... Wow!! It is the very best !