Saturday, February 9, 2013

Houston, here I come

My buddy Mark sent me a note about the upcoming Houston BBQ Festival and I just bought a VIP ticket.  Their goal is to start a fest similar to the Texas Monthly BBQ fest, only featuring Houston BBQ joints.  Sounds like a good way to sample a bunch of Houston joints and spend the minimum time in Houston.  I'm in!  Should be a fun trip.  Of course I'll probably return via Lockhart and Luling, just because I can.  :)


  1. Just curious Don, what did you think of that Houston BBQ? We were not impressed on a trip last summer but would like to give them a second chance....

  2. That's next month, March 24. Won't know til then! I am picking up 2 Franklin briskets and Kreuz sausage on Thursday, so they'd better be on their A game down in H town! Should be fun.