Monday, February 25, 2013

Luling City Market, Luling, Texas

2/22/13 visited about 11:30 am

Rumors have been going around the BBQ world and blogosphere that Luling City Market has lost its edge and is no longer in the top tier of Texas BBQ restaurants. Bullshit. The last time we were there was late in the day and the brisket was not up to their regular standards.  I opined that it was simply a matter of timing and this visit suggested I was correct.  Another 10 out of 10 brisket, though not quite as smokey as the brisket we had at Black's the night before.  The smoke was there, it was just a bit more subtle.  Ribs and sausage were spot-on and my wife thought the Luling ribs were a bit better than Black's.  They are different.  There is more of a sweet bark on the Luling ribs than at Black's.  Have no doubts, this is still a must stop for any BBQ nut.  Just don't show up 30 minutes before they close and expect their best.

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