Saturday, October 4, 2014

Pecan Lodge, Dallas 10/4/14

sampled 10/4/14
As we finished up our last samples at Smoked Dallas, Scott suggested we go have some lunch at Pecan Lodge, which was just a couple of blocks north of the fest.  Yes, we just had BBQ and sides at 14 different booths and we decide to go get more BBQ.  Are you starting to see the pattern here?  We all thought it was a bit weird that the two best known BBQ joints actually in Dallas, Slow Bone and Pecan Lodge, were not at Smoked Dallas.  No worries.  They did have Lockhart Smokehouse from Oak Cliff and several others from the Metroplex.

I had to move my truck anyway due to the 2 hour street limit on meters in Dallas, Grrrrr, so I motored down the few blocks to Deep Ellum.  I was surprised to find it pretty busy and all of the street meters taken.  I pulled into a $2 lot thinking Saturday afternoon would be cheap.  Wrong.  When I got up to the fancy electronic money grabber I found the sign on the street had lied by $3.  Good ol' Dallas doing what good ol' Dallas does best (oh, and I am a 5th generation Dallasite, born in Oak Cliff, so I can say that with experience).  I was too lazy to go looking for another spot so I paid the $5 and walked around the corner from Commerce to Pecan Lodge on Main Street.

I was a little surprised to NOT see a line out the door, but it was 2 pm on Saturday afternoon and it was what we were hoping for.  Inside I found a healthy line of about 50 waiting to order and at first I was just going to hang out, wait for Scott and Steve, and have another snack of smoked meats.  Then I saw this.
The express line, where you have to buy 5 pounds of meat or more was empty.  That poor lady looked lonely, too.  Hmmm.  Knowing how well Pecan Lodge brisket warms up, even after being in the freezer for several months, I right then made the executive decision that I needed 5 pounds of sliced brisket.  $108 and a few minutes later and I was out the door and on my way home while Scott and Steve were just making their way to the back of the line.  See ya later guys!  I am going home to bag up THIS:
On the way out to the parking lot I found a guy just pulling in. I gave him my parking receipt and my spot just to stick it to "the man" and smiled all the way home.

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  1. Now there's an idea: Pecan Lodge reserved parking FREE for express customers!