Saturday, August 25, 2018

Bet the House BBQ, Denton 9/25/18

We were in Denton for an event and took the opportunity to visit BTH BBQ once again.  I was intrigued by the smoked cheeseburger and My Mrs got the brisket quesadillas.
The smoked cheeseburger was pretty great with good smoke flavor and bits of melted cheese throughout.  We were there about 4:30 pm and I got the last one of the day.  I don't think it was really BBQ, but I'd order another one in a heartbeat.
The brisket quesadillas were just some lightly toasted tortillas containing some tender shredded brisket with good smoke flavor.  Mighty tasty.
A tasty dinner, even if it wasn't the traditional brisket ribs and sausage.  I did have to get a half pound of their house made jalapeno cheddar sausage to go and the little sample I tried was very good. 

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