Saturday, May 25, 2013

Daniel's Dallas book release party, 5/25/13

This was the second book release party the BBQ snob has had in Big D but the first I was able to attend.  Even today I was stuck in a long tortuous board meeting that didn't let out until 7:30 pm.  Fortunately, Daniel's party was held at 4 Corners Brewery in Oak Cliff so I had BBQ and BEER to soothe my soul.  If that was not enough, there was also Daniel's new book and blues on the sound systems.  The 4 B's of the apocalypse!
After paying my way in I managed to say hello to the man of the hour and a get a copy of his new book.  Scott had been through earlier during the VIP meat and greet but he had skeedaddled before I was able to pry myself away from my meeting.  Fortunately, 2 of the three BBQ joints catering still had food left.  Pecan Lodge, predictably, was out.  I have had both Cousins and Lockhart Smokehouse before, but opted for the Oak Cliff joint due to their excellent spicy mac and cheese.  I got a $5 basket of smoked turkey, Kreuz jalapeno cheese sausage, and a good dollop of mac and cheese for just $5.  Of course while juggling a book and a beer I neglected to get a shot of the food.  Something Daniel would never have done, which is why he is my hero.

The beer from Four Corners was excellent.  I had sampled their wares a couple of weeks back during the North Texas Beer Festival but they had neglected to bring along their fine porter for that event.  I got some tonight and it beat any beer I had at the beer fest (and the wife and I sampled 26 brews).  Well done 4 corners!

I walked around a bit and caught the papparazzi in a photo op out behind the brewery with Daniel and the pit crews from Lockhart Smokehouse, Pecan Lodge, and Cousins with the fancy overpriced Oak Cliff bridge in the background.  Hah, my pix made it to publication before any of you!
It will be awhile before I can dig into The Snob's tome but I'm sure it will be a fun jaunt through Texas BBQ.  See you on the BBQ trail, Daniel!

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