Thursday, May 16, 2013

Easy mode

I needed some good brisket to take to one of my fishing buddies next week and I decided to use easy mode.  I just jumped online and ordered 2 - 4 pound chunks of brisket from Black's.

Including postage and sales tax, it came out to $17.24 a pound, which is comparable with Pecan Lodge and Franklin, but without the long wait in line. Of course, it is frozen solid so I still have to wait for it to thaw out.  I guess you always have to wait for good brisket, no matter what!  Fedex dropped it at my door within 24 hours of shipping.
I'll take 4 pounds to the lake with me, but the other 4 will stay safely in my freezer until I'm ready to thaw it and feast.  My last frozen brisket from Black's was outstanding and I expect this will be, too!  If I remember right, the postage for the first 4 pounds was about $15 and the second 4 pounds only added about another $2.50.  They could probably fit another 4 pounder in that shipping coffin.  I shall find out next time!  Man, that sure was easy! 

At the lake we shall dine on Black's brisket, North Main ribs, and Kreuz jalapeno cheese sausage, washed down with Murphy's Irish Stout.  Now that's living!


  1. Mail order? Having stood in line at Pecan Lodge today for 50 minutes, and that's on a Thursday, their slowest day, and that's before the Texas Monthly Top 4 designation came out, all I have to say about mail order is, THAT'S CHEATIN'!

  2. Yeah, but you didn't have to wait 2 days for it to thaw in the fridge. :)