Saturday, August 2, 2014

Off the Bone BBQ, Fort Worth, Texas, 8/2/14

sampled 8/2/14 at 11 am
This is one several spots Scott had been wanting to try.   It is not related to the Off the Bone BBQ in Dallas.  We arrived a bit early and found the crew inside were hardcore about keeping the doors locked until exactly 11 am.  After making our way inside at the official opening time, we ordered our usual, mine being brisket, ribs, and a hot link.  After a short wait a nice lady delivered our plates and we were off and running on our latest adventure.  The brisket here was particularly nice.  It was tender and moist with good smoke flavor and well rendered fat, though there was not a lot of fat on my brisket.  Ribs were a mixed bag, with Scott calling his excellent while mine were chewy and tough.  My ribs had good flavor and lite smoke but they were definitely undercooked.  The hot link was neither hot or spicy and just tasted like bland sausage.  The brisket was a winner here but that was about it.

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