Monday, September 21, 2009

Cassteven's Cash and Carry - Lillian, Texas

visited 9/21/09 around noon

It is a good thing there is an informal BBQ "network" and lots of folks who love to sample BBQ and share their findings. Otherwise, we'd miss out on stops like this. I mean who in their right mind would stop by a Diamond Shamrock gas station off the beaten path just to sample their BBQ? Who would even think you could find good BBQ at a gas station? Well you can. The funky smoker below the gas station sign is a good clue. Thanks to the Fort Worth Star Telegram, Texas Monthly, and other BBQ "reporters", we made the trek and left smiling. From the outside, this looks like any other small town gas station/convenience store, however when you go inside you see a little restaurant in the back and lots of tables for customers. I ordered brisket, hot links, beans, and tater salad but the lady behind the counter warned me "the beans aren't good today" so I opted for double tater salad. Ribs are only available on Friday. Pity, I wanted to sample some. The brisket was the star here, very tender,and deep awesome smoke flavor. It was just a tad dry, but otherwise near perfect brisket. When I poked it with a plastic fork it just fell apart easily. The sausage was pretty average fine grind and there was nothing special about the mayo based tater salad. Scott opted for smoked turkey and said it didn't do much for him, but he agreed the brisket was very good. The sauce was a tangy mustard/ketchup mix and pretty average. This place may be worth another trip on a Friday just to sample the ribs and to have some more of that great brisket.

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  1. let know next time you coming by on a Friday, I will meet ya ,,live less than a mile from Cass,, get my gas there and fix my barbecue cravings.