Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ruby's BBQ - Austin, Texas

sampled 9/22/09 5:30 pm

Ruby's is another one of my old favorites and a scheduled stop on the tour every year or two. They have an excellent spicy sauce, their brisket never disappoints, and they have killer fried potatoes. Everything was right on form so nothing to do but post the latest dinner photo and add one from the outside, which, strangely, I had never shot before.


  1. I was disappointed by their ribs that day (too dry and little flavor) but the brisket was excellent enough to make up for it - crubmling tender inside, smoky crisp on the edge. You like their taters better than I do but then I had sausage too so the taters were dessert.

  2. Yeah, that's why I usually just order brisket and taters. That seems to be what they do best. Scott passed me one of his ribs and I agree with ya.