Saturday, September 25, 2010

Alma Smokehouse BBQ, Alma, Texas

visited 9/25/10 about 7 pm

Alright, now THIS is why we do this.  This was the best stop of the day and they were durned near out of food when we got there. After we had some, we understood why.  When we got to the counter, the lady told us they were out of just about everything except brisket, chicken and fried catfish.  Ok then, we settled for brisket and chicken.  Sides?  They were out of most of those, too, so we just opted for the meat with some bread and pickles.  While we waited for our meal, I pointed out to Scott that I-45 was just outside making this "Highway BBQ".  He said since they didn't have a highway billboard the jury was still out.  We also noticed two pictures of  John Wayne on the wall.  In previous BBQ soirees, we have noticed a definite coincidence of John Wayne appearances with the arrival of better than average BBQ.  The John Wayne theory continues to work!

When our meat arrived the brisket looked unremarkable, but the chicken was beautiful and appeared to be competition quality.  We got a quarter plus several separate pieces of chicken and they were moist, tender and chock full of smoke flavor.  Scott pronounced it the best chicken he has ever had at any BBQ joint.  I have to concur that it was durned good and almost as good as my wife's smoked chicken.  However this was much prettier than hers! Sorry dear.  The brisket was very tender, a slice pulled apart easily, but was just a tad dry.  It's hard to whine much about that for a 7 pm meal, but the smoke flavor was simply awesome.  By far the best brisket we had all day long.  More proof that smoke rings and pretty bark isn't all there is to great Q.  They're always a good sign, but if they aren't there you'd better shut up and taste it anyway.  If you look at the pictures of that brisket, it tells you nothing of the amazing smoke flavor it had.  I was still tasting it 30 minutes later, and was happy about it!

We will definitely be making a return visit here, soon, and NOT at 7 pm.  We want to sample the rest of what this joint has to offer and see if they have this level of "the goods" on a second trip.


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