Saturday, September 25, 2010

C&C Trading Post, Corsicana, Texas

 visited 9/25/10 about 6:15 pm

You know you're at a classy joint when the first sign you see approaching the front door is one saying "no peeing off the porch!"  Yup, my kinda place.  Inside we learned ribs were a Wednesday thing so we settled for a 2 meat plate with brisket and sausage.  Their little dining room had lots of neat old oil boom photos from the 20's.   Being your typical all-around country joint, they also had live bait.  I wonder if they've ever heard of the rare brisket bass? 

After a short wait our food arrived and it sure was nice to see some meat with nary a splash of sauce about!  We finally remembered!  As you can see from the photo below, there was a LOT of bark on the brisket and it had some nice smoke flavor.  The sausage was straight Ekrich but it had been well smoked, too.  The pinto beans had cooked too long and were almost refried style beans.  The tater salad was watery and is to be avoided.  We sampled the table sauce and it was a bit spicy with a honey and mustard base.  Not to my liking but Luling fans might dig it. 

Overall the brisket was the rave up here and I sure wish it had been Wednesday.  I'd like to taste their ribs. If they're anywhere near as good as the brisket, this would be a pretty good meat stop. 

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