Monday, October 23, 2006

Ben's BBQ, Austin, Texas

Visited October 23, 2006, lunchtime

This is a place I have been hearing good things about, so we hit it at lunch on a Monday to see what was what. The pork ribs were the meat highlight with a nice peppery rub, though they were a little chewey. The brisket didn't taste like BBQ at all, more like roast beef! The sausage had an extra tough casing and the meat itself did not have a lot of flavor. The sauce was definitely different. It tasted sort of like watered down honey with chili powder added. Pretty different, but it didn't work for me. Now the sides, they were something else. The green beans had a nice flavor, unlike those I had at several other joints this trip. The potato salad was the best I have had ANYWHERE. And I've had me some tater salad, believe you me. I can't wait to go back and have just some ribs and tater salad here.

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  1. Closed. This is now the building that houses Franklin BBQ.