Sunday, October 22, 2006

Chisholm Trail BBQ, Lockhart, Texas

Visited October 22, 2006 dinnertime (and they were very busy)

Here's a place we didn't try last year, and while still gunshy from our near tastebud destroying experience at Bill Miller's house of horrors, we decided to give 'em a shot. We were pleasantly surprised, especially at the ribs and sausage, which ranked close to Black's (this trip). The brisket did not fare quite so well and the sides were very average. The big kicker here is the price. $6.95 for a 3 meat plate with 3 sides plus tea! I think if we had stuck to the rib plate and left the sides alone we would easily have called this the bargain of the trip. Unfortunately, on the 3 meat plate, you only get ONE rib and that was just not enough.

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