Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cartwright's BBQ, Bastrop, Texas

visited 9/17/08 supper time

A find we made last year, we went back for the confirmation again this year. A call Tuesday night found they had sold out of brisket for the day so we put off our visit for Wednesday evening. On Wednesday, our rave-up from last year was confirmed. The brisket was excellent, smokey throughout, and plastic fork tender. Equal in quality to any in Lockhart or Luling, which is as good as it gets in my book. The sausage was also excellent. A coarse grind, flavorful seasonings with just a hint of spiciness, and snappy casing that was not at all chewy. It reminded me a lot of the sausage we had earlier in the day at Giddings, with just a little extra kick. The ribs were flavorful, very smokey, but just a little bit chewy. Potato salad was mayo based, rich and creamy, and as good as I remembered from last year. Their sauce is sweet and tomatoe-y, but their meat is too good to mess with the sauce much, so I didn't. This place may not be on anyone's top BBQ joint list yet, but it will be.

Photo is of a mural inside. Where is Hop Singh?

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