Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fushack's Pit Barbecue, San Marcos, Texas

visited 9/18/08 supper time

Another big highway spot and, frankly, another disappointment. Their brisket was chewy with little smoke flavor and their sausage tasted all the world like eckrich from the grocery store. They had a sign advertising Lockhart sausage available, but I doubt the sausage I had, was. The ribs were a bit strange and Scott and I had the same experience. Their pork ribs were pretty large and were tender and tasty on one end, but practically un-chewable on the other. I don't know if they were cooked over an uneven grill or were stored in a warmer improperly, or what, One of the stranger BBQ encounters we have had. Their sauce tasted a lot like BBQ bean sauce and was heavy on the brown sugar. Yuck.

The sides at this place were very nice and they were very generous with them (a 3 meat plate gets 4 sides). Their potato salad and BBQ beans were top notch and Scott said his green beans were pretty good with a nice garlic flavor.

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