Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Southside Market, Elgin, Texas

visited 9/16/08 supper time

Well we are 0 for 3 in Elgin. Despite it's lofty reputation, like the other 2 spots in Elgin we have tried, this place did not impress. The ribs were chewy and not particularly flavorful and the same could be said of the brisket. The sausage was dry and very average with a chewy casing. Sides were also average. Their sauce is different from any we have tried with a flavor that is hard to describe. It really doesn't taste like any BBQ sauce I have had before. If I had to guess I would say chili powder and some other spices I didn't recognize. It wasn't evil, but it didn't really help the meat either. We still have one more place in Elgin to try, but we're in no hurry to get back that way.

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