Saturday, September 20, 2008

Kreuz Market, Lockhart, Texas

visited 9/20/08 lunch time

With a bad taste from Smitty's in our mouths, we headed to Kreuz knowing we had a better shot at something good. Originally, the plan had been to eat at Smitty's, then just stop at Kreuz for some sausage to go which I "needed" to take back home. As it ended up, I got ribs, brisket, and a link, having plenty of room after our disappointment just down the street. Kreuz to the rescue! The ribs were falling off the bone tender and tasty as can be. They have a heavy pepper rub which sort of gives you just the one flavor, but they sure were a step up from what we tried to eat a few minutes earlier. The brisket was just a little chewy but with deep smoke flavor throughout. Good enough Scott ordered a pound to take back home to his fridge. The jalapeno cheese sausage ring was great, as always, and the friendly staff got my 3 cases ready as I finished my lunch. Unfortunately, their vacuum sealer was broken so we had to smell those great sausages all the way back to DFW.

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