Thursday, September 18, 2008

Prause Meat Market, LaGrange, Texas

visited 9/18/08 lunch time

Another meat market specializing in BBQ and another stone winner on our tour. It's hard to believe how much food you can get here for just $9. All of it, exceptional! The brisket was plastic fork cutting tender with good smoke flavor throughout. The ribs were falling off the bone and tasty as can be. The sausage had a nice mix of spices, but without the extra jalapeno kick that I prefer. It had the perfect amount of moisture and the casing was a nice easy chew with the right snap. They don't seem to have iced tea here, everyone who asked for tea was handed a root beer. Little matter. They had a big block of cheese sitting next to a slicer and a chunk off that that made a nice addition to my lunch. Their sauce was sweet with some mustard flavoring. Something we have noticed at a lot of our stops this year.

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