Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Franklin BBQ, Austin

Sampled 1/19/11 around 11 am

Well it is hard to write something new about the little Franklin BBQ trailer in Austin.  The BBQ blogosphere (as well as print media) has been buzzing about this little joint almost from the moment they opened.  All I can add is that all the superlatives that have been written previously are spot on.  There are just no negatives to write about their food.  Considering I had just eaten at my all time favorite joint just 24 hours before, it is pretty easy to say Franklin was better.  I want to eat there a couple of more times (to check consistency) before I push City Market in Luling down to my number 2 spot, but I think it will happen.  In addition to my 2 meat plate, I got 2 lbs of fatty brisket to go, and I don't think I got enough.

The brisket had a deep black crust full of smoke flavor with a slightly salty taste.  The fat was so perfectly rendered it turned liquid when pinched.  The brisket was so tender that the slices stretched apart like an accordion when lifted from one end, but they did not fall apart.  Tender, juicy, smoky, brisket nirvana.  The ribs were also cooked to perfection.  They were tender and juicy, yet not falling off the bone.  When you picked one up by the "handles" and took a bite, it left a perfect, effortless bite mark.  Rib nirvana.  The sides I had were pretty standard beans and mustardy tater salad, but who cares about sides when you have meat nirvana?  I didn't try the sausage, so I guess I will have to go back.  Darn.

We got there about 10:30 and were number 6 and 7 in line. By the time they opened at 11 there were around 30 folks waiting. Most folks also order meat to go, in addition to their plate, so they tend to run out quickly. Go early to avoid disappointment.

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  1. Right on, right on. Don't bother with the sausage, it does not come close to Kreuz's or even City Market. I know you don't like pulled pork but it is actually quite good, lean and smoky although nowhere near as good as the brisket. You didn't mention their 3 vinegar-based sauces (and rightly so since it would be blasphemy to put any on this brisket and ribs) but they all complement the pulled pork nicely. Also note that Franklin's is moving to a real building in about a month. Let's hope their smokers (I counted 3) don't go out during the trip!