Monday, August 19, 2013

Coopers BBQ, Llano, Texas 8/19/13

sampled about 11 am

Another joint we had not visited since 2005.  Back then, we arrived late in the day and they were out of brisket and ribs so we just sampled sirloin and the big chop.  Scott opined we needed to return this trip to try the usual triple treat of brisket, ribs, and sausage.  The brisket was tender and moist but there was no smoke flavor.  They also left on a big blob of fat, something we didn't see at any of the other 14 joints we hit this outting.  Now I love a little fat.  If properly rendered, that is where a lot of the flavor is.  This wasn't, and the fact that they trim your meat while weighing made this a definite negative.  Especially at $12.39/ pound.  The jalapeno sausage was lacking in both spice and flavor and came across as just average sausage.  I had a small beef rib and that was easily the highlight of my meal.  It was moist and tender with a slightly crunchy crust.  That may well have been the best beef rib I have had yet.  Very nice indeed.  The pork ribs were undercooked, chewy, and downright onery things you had to gnaw on like a cave man.  I had one side that had a fantastic concept, but it just didn't work out.  mac and cheese with bacon and jalapeno.  My guess is they need bigger and more chunks of both the "additives" to make this pop.  The tiny bits of jalapeno and bacon in my sample were completely lost in the creamy mac and cheese.  There was no flavor from them at all.  I do LOVE that concept though!!

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  1. I went to Cooper's as part of a BBQ road trip recently. I only had the brisket there, but mine was delicious - this can sometimes be the problem with BBQ, no to trips are the same. Reading your review has made me hungry - why is there no good BBQ in the UK?! Here's my review, if you're interested - Cooper's BBQ