Sunday, August 18, 2013

Natty Flat Smokehouse, Natty Flat, Texas 8/18/13

Sampled 8/18/13 about 2 pm

I last visited this spot 3 years ago and blogged about it here: 

This was the first stop on our 2013 Calories and Cholesterol Tour and the first time Scott had a chance to check this place out.  On arrival I was impressed by the full parking lot and some knucklehead clambering around in the seat of the giant Star of Texas rocker.  I guess the large billboards they have added along I-20 are bringing in the travelers.  This place is just 6 miles south of I-20 on US 281 so it's an easy detour for folks hurtling down the Interstate.

After a short wait behind a bunch of customers, I ordered a brisket plate and Scott got the rib plate.  The brisket was overcooked and falling apart, but had good moisture, tenderness, and flavor.  All the fat had been trimmed off and there was no discernible smoke flavor at all. The ribs had fantastic smoke flavor and were a little overcooked to falling off the bone tender.  Still, outstanding ribs for the smoke flavor alone.  We got two different kinds of tater salad, the regular, which was average, and the baked potato salad, which was fantastic.  Basically the latter consisted of smushed baked potatoes mixed with sour cream, cheese, and chives.  I thought that was pretty good stuff.  The beans were average pintos with a bit of BBQ sauce and brisket bits sprinkled on top.  The sauce was very thick and very sweet with just a bit of tang.

Scott might disagree, but I thought this was the best rib I had on this trip.

Since my previous visit they have now expanded to a 7 day operation.  Good news for anyone headed down 281 from I-20.

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