Monday, August 19, 2013

Non BBQ tourist stops in Llano

In between BBQ meals we actually do sometimes do other things than sleep off our meat coma and plot our further adventures.  On this day we visited the Badu House in Llano to see their beautiful Llanite bar.  Karalina, one of the owners, was kind enough to come down and let us in, even though they were closed until Wednesday.  Now we will have to go back another time and consume many beers.  I had heard about this beautiful bar top for many years and it was a pleasure to finally get to see it.  Thank you Karalina!  You can learn more about this beautiful Texas stone, Llanite, here.
In search of more Llanite we stopped by the local stone workers in Llano and found this hilarious granite outhouse.  No Llanite.

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