Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ronnie's Pit BBQ, Johnson City, Texas 8/20/13

sampled about 1:30 pm
Another spot we spied along the road and wheeled into on a whim.  I got a 3 meat plate and split it with Scott.  They were nice enough to give us an extra plate.  On spotting us taking a photo of our plate, a National Park ranger stopped by to tell us that we were about to eat the best BBQ we had ever had.  We smiled and chatted with him a bit, then put it to the test.  The brisket was moist and tender and did well on the pull apart test.  There was no smoke flavor and more of a roast beefy taste than BBQ.  The ribs were a bit dry, but had nice flavor and came off the bone nicely.  Sausage was average.  Sides were average and that's about where we'd put this place, a good average BBQ joint.  I did taste the sauce but did not write down the particulars.  I just remember I did not care for it. 

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