Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The BBQ Shak, Burnet, Texas 8/20/13

sampled about 11:30 am

We passed this place on Monday headed to Llano and noted it for a stop on our way out on Tuesday.  It is located just west of Burnet on 29 and is open for lunch only Wednesday through Saturday, with hours extended to 7:30 on Friday.  We got there just in time to get the last parking spot.  Most of the parking spots were filled with Burnet County government vehicles.  Ah, another good sign!  Inside we cued up in a short line where I opted for a 3 meat plate.  On enquiring about jalapeno sausage, I was told, "no, but we make all our own sausage," and was then handed a sample to try.   I no longer cared about jalapeno because it was some mighty fine sausage.  In fact, everything about this place was home made.  The fatty brisket was outstanding with great smoke flavor, tenderness, and moisture.  The slices held together nicely when picked up, but pulled apart easily.  The baby back ribs had excellent flavor, tenderness, and left a perfect bite mark.   The sausage was a coarse grind mix of beef and pork with a wonderful flavor and just a hint of spicy.  The moisture and casing snap were right on.  The potato salad was average but certainly home made.  Pinto beans were tasty and some of the best beans I had on this trip.  I added a few pickles and had to save Scott's life by stealing his.  They were sweet pickles with a touch of very hot spices added.  Perfect for me, but they would have killed him.  You're welcome Scott.  If they sold jars of those pickles I would go back just for those, but the BBQ was so good I'll be going back anyway.

With 3 good joints in the vicinity, Burnet is becoming pretty strong in the BBQ biz.  I think next time we head that way we may need to stay a night and hit all 3 places for a full meal in one day.

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