Sunday, August 18, 2013

R&R BBQ, Stephenville, Texas 8/18/13

Sampled about 2:45 pm

Still headed south on 281 we came across this new location for R&R BBQ in Stephenville right at the triangle where US 377 and US 67 meet.  They were out of ribs, so Scott and I shared one plate of jalapeno sausage and sliced brisket.  The brisket was falling apart even worse than Natty Flat but was moist and tender.  It was downright crumbly.  Once again there was no smoke flavor present but you could make some decent sloppy Joe's out of it with some good sauce.  The sausage had an excellent fiery kick, good flavor, and casing snap.  Not great sausage, but one of the better ones I had on this trip.  Sides of beans and tater salad were average.  Overall a good average BBQ stop. They closed up right at 3pm, just as we finished up.

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