Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Big Papa's Smokeshack BBQ, Luling, TX 9/21/11

Big Papa's Smokeshack BBQ, Luling, TX visited 9/21/11 about 5:30 pm

I had first heard about this place on the Man Up blog but I never heard back when I asked them about the location. Then one of my racquetball buddies was telling me about a place he stopped at on the way back from Shiner. He didn't recall the name, but when I sent him the link to the Man Up pictures he said "That's it!" We took a reconnoiter Monday and found they were only open Wednesday through Sunday, closed Monday and Tuesday.

We arrived about 5:30 on Wednesday and were informed they only had sandwiches or ribs and brisket by the half pound. We settled on a half pound of brisket and ribs and waited on the nice wood deck patio for our order. Everything looked good on arrival, but the ribs were definitely undercooked. They were very tough and chewy and difficult to separate from the bone. I think it was very telling when we received 3 ribs, Scott and I tried one each, and neither of us wanted the third. The brisket was better. It was tender and moist but the fat was not completely rendered. There was zero smoke flavor in the brisket and it was essentially roast beef. Their sauce was a thick mustardy sauce, but not quite as mustardy as City Market. It added some nice flavor to the meat and was good for bread dipping. I think a brisket sandwich with sauce would be the ticket here, but only if you come by when City Market is closed. Those in the know will head 5 minutes north on 183.

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