Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lee-Mo's Smokehouse, 9/28/11

Visited about 1:30 pm, 9/28/11

As threatened after my last visit, I returned to Lee-Mo's this week to sample their ribs and re-sample their brisket.  Unfortunately, the ribs I had were overcooked, then sat in a warmer too long, making the outside very chewy.  The result was that the meat fell off the bone, then you had to chew on it awhile.  There was not much flavor and zero smoke.  I also got a half pound of brisket to go, and it was moist and tender.  However there was zero smoke flavor and it came across as the all too familiar roast beef.  I will say the fat was well rendered and the meat was tasty with the addition of some Dr Pepper BBQ sauce.  Their house sauce remains way too sweet for me, and seems to be made up with a heavy percentage of honey.  The highlight of the meal was their home made potato salad.  Having sampled that before, I doubled up on that!

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