Monday, September 19, 2011

Black's BBQ, Lockhart, TX 9/19/11

Black's BBQ, Lockhart, Texas 9/19/11 sampled about 6:45 pm

One of the pleasures of taking our annual BBQ trips is going back to the places we KNOW are good. Black's is certainly one of those. While it is always fun to try new joints, it's places like Black's that serve as the standard by which others are judged. We have never had anything less than an excellent meal there and tonight was no exception. I loaded up with 1/2 pound of fatty brisket, 4 baby backs including a rib tip, and a jalapeno link. As sides I had their mac and cheese and some beans. The brisket was just perfect. Tender and moist with deep smoke flavor from first bite to last. The fat was perfectly rendered and melt in your mouth good. The baby backs were just a tad chewy on the tip but the inside bones left a perfect bite mark. They were tender and moist with excellent flavor throughout. The jalapeno sausage followed the other 2 meats and was just as good. I still think Kreuz has a slight edge in the sausage department but the gap is shrinking. The casing was just a bit tough but the meat was perfectly seasoned and moist with a good spicy kick. The mac and cheese was excellent but I have to give special kudos to the beans. Now I don't know if this was just a pot of beans which had cooked way down or if these were actually refried beans. Whatever they were, they were perfectly seasoned and were perfect for sopping up with a nice big biscuit.

They had a sign on the front door offering frozen brisket for just $6 a pound. If they have any of that left on Thursday when we head out (doubtful) I am going to load up the cooler.

I noticed they have added live western swing music with the BBQ Playboys! Wait a minute, I'm a BBQ playboy!

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