Thursday, September 22, 2011

Miller's Smokehouse BBQ, Belton, TX 9/22/11

Miller's Smokehouse BBQ, Belton, TX visited 9/22/11 about noon

This is a place we had tried to visit several times before, but never managed to get by when they were open.  Today we managed it and I'm glad we did!  For the record, Tuesday through Saturday from 10:30 am till sellout are the things you need to keep in mind. 

This is a tiny little storefront operation but is a perfect example of good things coming in small packages.  One little lady was up front taking orders and money, one man, Mr. Dirk Miller, I assume, was in the back cranking out orders and delivering to the waiting customers out front.  There may have been seating for about 20 inside, maybe.  Many folks got food to go and stood by til their goodies were brought out front.  Sadly, no ribs except on Friday.  I went with a 2 meat plate with brisket and jalapeno cheese sausage with the standard sides, beans and tater salad.  Despite a busy lunch rush we had our food in a few minutes and it was mighty tasty.  The brisket was tender, moist, and had NICE smoke flavor.  The fat was perfectly rendered and was very tasty.  I didn't leave a bit of it.  The jalapeno cheese sausage was exceptional.  I have to say it rivaled the best of Kreuz or Black's that I have tasted, and they are my favorites.  The sides were average, but Scott though his tater salad was very good. 

This meal blew away what we had at Schoepfs a few days earlier.  While this place probably has much more restricted hours (and the presence of a nearby "sold out" sign for BBQ suggested they often run out), it is well worth the few hundred extra yards you have to travel.  While dining we heard the owner talking about the fact they have moved their deer processing and taxidermy business down the street and would soon be moving the BBQ operation to a larger site as well.  Fortunately they seem to have a well kept website which will make that info easy to find. 


  1. Great Review. More Seating, Cable Tv, And Cold Beer Are Also Now Available. See Ya There

  2. Glad to see they made the Texas Monthly top 50. Well deserved.