Wednesday, September 21, 2011

City Market, Luling, TX 9/21/11

City Market, Luling, Tx sampled 9/21/11 about 11 am

While folks in Austin were, no doubt, still standing in line at Franklin, we were in the door at the smokey pit room at City Market. We timed our arrival for about 11 am, knowing the line starts to form for the lunch rush about 11:30. We just had a couple of folks in front of us so there was almost no waiting. As usual I loaded up with half a pound of brisket, 2 ribs, and a sausage ring. The brisket was just a tad chewy but I lucked into a delicious brisket end dripping with smokey goodness. Meat candy indeed! That was one of those slices where the smoke flavor stays with you long after you have finished your meal. The ribs were divine, juicy, tender spare ribs with a nice sweet bark. As good as it gets. The sausage ring was flavorful with a nice moisture content and a perfect snap to the casing. I just wish they had jalapeno sausage because I like a little more of a spicey kick. Still, it was great sausage. The prices here are also lower than almost any other great Q joint. $9/lb for both brisket and ribs and $1.80 for a hot link. Still one of my favorite joints, even if it has slipped a bit below Franklin.

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