Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cowboy's Bar-B-Q, Wills Point, Texas

sampled 9/8/11 about 12:30 pm

Finally found this place today after a vague first description from Scott several months back.  For the record, this joint is located just north of the Hwy 80/4th street intersection in Wills Point, about 1/2 mile north on 4th street, on the left.  According to the front door, hours are 11-8, Tuesday-Sunday, closed Monday.

On arrival I found a parking lot full of pick up trucks, always a good sign. 
As I had already been driving for an hour back from Lake Fork, I went inside instead of using their handy drive through window.  A nice lady took my order for a sliced brisket and rib combo with beans and tater salad.  The food came quickly and was piping hot.  The food was so hot I had to let it cool a bit.  Total was $11.20, which was a good deal considering all the food I got.

The brisket was perfectly tender, very moist, and had a hint of smoke flavor.  There were a generous five slices which went down pretty easy.  Underneath those brisket slabs were three very nice, big, spare ribs.  They were just a tad overcooked, the meat came away from the bone a bit too easy, but they had a very nice flavor. The meat was moist and tender with a sweet glaze on the bark.  Having just judged a KCBS event I would offer the opinion that the meat sampled here was as good or better as anything I sampled at the contest.  The added attraction is that I know where to go back to get more!  The beans were average pintos and the potato salad was pretty average, too.  The sauce was a thick, rich tomato concoction, with just a bit too much vinegar flavor for my taste. 

This is another good East Texas stop and on a par, maybe a bit better, than Mr. B's in Grand Saline.  It would be interesting to sample both of those on the same day for a direct comparison and I may have to take on that task, soon!

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