Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Roscoe's Smokehouse, Burleson, Texas

Sampled about 5 pm, 1/26/10

This place was started by some ex-North Main BBQ folks and as that is my favorite local joint I have been meaning to give them a try. Some of the current NMBBQ people work there during the week, so it's a friendly spin-off. I had a 2 meat plate which was about $12 with tea. The ribs are just as good as NMBBQ, which means they're as good as it gets, in my book. The ones I had today were just a tad dry but I still wish I had another bunch of them to scarf down. Same rub, same tenderness. The brisket was very moist and tender but not a lot of smoke flavor except around the smoke ring. They use the same sauce formula as NMBBQ which is a great spicy tomato sauce and it made for excellent dipping. The sides were average tater salad and beans but I enjoyed the nice slice of Texas toast.

On the plus side, the ribs here are as good as North Main, they have schooners of cold beer, and they are open 7 days a week 11-9, 11-10 on Fri and Sat! On the minus side, they don't have all you can eat for $12 and they're more than 2 miles from my house. Still, a good joint to sample if you're in Burleson looking for some Q.