Friday, June 10, 2016

Circle A BBQ and more, Grand Saline

sampled 6/9/16 about 12:30 pm
Back in November I noticed there was a new joint moving into the building that used to house Mr. B's BBQ in Grand Saline.  Unfortunately they were not open when I went by.  Same last Sunday when I went past on my way to Lake Fork.  On my way back home I managed to stop and get a snack for the road.  I opted for 3 pork ribs and a couple of slices of brisket.  Everything was overcooked but it was also tender, moist, and flavorful.  The brisket slices were cut very thin and completely crumbled apart.  I asked for fatty brisket but every smidgen of fat had been trimmed away.  The ribs were great big spare ribs with a nice peppery rub.  As I tooled down the road I'd reach in the box and grab a bite and it was all gone before I got to Canton.  That would have been some excellent sandwich meat even though there was no smoke flavor.
They had a tomato based spicy sauce that would have gone well on a sandwich.