Saturday, April 10, 2021

Green's again, 4/10/21


Just another Saturday morning excursion over to Highway 10.  I got there around 12:30 and hit the jackpot.  They still had everything and there was almost no waiting.  6 orders of pork belly bites, a couple of brisket biscuits, half a rack of ribs, and a pound of fatty brisket will keep us happy for a few days.  He does now have a larger bottle for the steak seasoning but I got the last one.  It seems there are still supply chain problems with plastic containers.  

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Argyle, Texas mini BBQ tour, Bumbershoot BBQ


sampled 4/7/21 about 1:15 pm

Just down the road a piece from 407 BBQ is the Bumbershoot BBQ trailer.  It's just east on FM 407 on the northeast corner with 377, behind the CVS.  They have a nice little outdoor tree-lined dining area which was under a bit of construction when we arrived.  They were in the process of stringing lines of outdoor lights but we still managed to find a table out of the way of the bucket truck.  

I ordered the same 3 meat plate with jalapeno cheese sausage but I skipped the sides this time.  After a short wait, I found another foil lined meal, with the meats separated from the pickles, onions, and spicy carrots.

I had asked for brisket from the fatty end but clearly got some from the flat.  Still, it was tasty, tender, and moist with excellent smoke flavor.  The jalapeno, sausage was very similar to what I just had at 407.  Not spicy, despite a good amount of green pepper evident with the cheese.  The ribs were moist and well cooked.  Once again I got a perfect bite mark.  Right in the zone.  There was a bit of a crusty top to the spare ribs and some different flavors.  Chili powder and coriander I suspect.  Tasty ribs and a nice unique flavor.

My box included some nice onions, pickles, spicy carrots, and jalapenos.  I'm not much of a carrot fan, but I liked those.

I suspect their eating area will be a nice spot in the evening and they have a small stage set up to feature live music.  If they book some good blues we may need to go back!

Argyle, Texas mini-BBQ tour, 407 BBQ


sampled 4/7/21

Due to the Communist Cooties from China it has been awhile since Scott and I have been able to do any kind of BBQ tour.  To celebrate getting our shots Scott proposed a mini-tour to nearby Argyle, Texas.  Just 30 minutes away from me, a bit more for Scott, we decided to MEAT UP this afternoon for lunch at a couple of joints just 3 miles apart.  The first stop was 407 BBQ.

407 BBQ is located on, you guessed it, Farm to Market road 407.  It's a couple of hundred yards off the road and you turn down the road to a gun range to get there.  They have a large gravel parking lot and there were quite a few cars and trucks when I arrived.  It's a large joint, so despite the parking lot full of vehicles there was almost no waiting and I got my order in 5 minutes or so.  They had two ladies to take orders and the kitchen was bustling with a full crew behind them.  

They had a large indoor dining room with about 20 tables and even more seating, on two levels, just out front.  I chose the great outdoors and had just started checking out my goodies when Scott arrived with friends Roy and Steve.

In addition to my usual "Texas Trinity" I got a smoked meatloaf sandwich to try later.  I had a bite and found the meatloaf a bit mushy with no discernable smoke flavor.  It was decent average meatloaf.

On opening the main box I found all three meats wrapped separately with a separate layer of foil around all.  A very nice touch for a to-go box.  

Inside the foil the brisket, ribs, and jalapeno cheddar sausage were all piping hot and moist.
The brisket I received was from the point and had perfectly rendered fat.  I could not detect any smoke flavor in my slices, but everyone else said theirs had good smoke flavor.  Scott even cut me a bit of his and, yup, he got the smoke.  Beautiful slices, though.
The jalapeno cheese sausage had good amounts of cheese and pepper, but was not very spicy.  The casing was an easy chew and taste was of  a 50/50 beef/pork mix.  
The spare ribs were tasty and cooked to perfection.  They had a perfect bite mark and a nice pork flavor.
For sides I had mac and cheese and cheesy potatoes.  Good sides but pretty average.

Roy had sliced turkey and reported good smoke flavor and moisture.  Steve had a big chunk of meatloaf and said he enjoyed that, too.

All in all a good joint and well worth a trip from the Metro-mess.  It surely won't be long before Argyle gets swallowed up and becomes just another part of it all.  However I suspect this joint will weather that storm just fine and be serving up great BBQ for years to come.  

A few more photos follow then on to our second stop in the next post.